Oncoplastic Reduction Mammoplasty


Reduction Mammoplasty using the Wise excision pattern has long been the method of choice for treating macromastia in the field of cosmetic surgery. Since the early ‘90s, its introduction into the context of oncologic surgery has been proposed as a way to facilitate breast remodeling after extensive resection and as a surgical approach for tumors of the lower pole. Currently, it is used as a complementary procedure to tumorectomy in the conservative management of breast cancer, with indications mainly relating to the resection of multifocal/multicentric tumors in areas at high-risk of deformity (lower pole, inner quadrants) and facilitation of radiation therapy in women with macromastia or gigantomastia. In our experience, Reduction Mammoplasty makes up 17.8% of conservative procedures for breast cancer, and is performed in a patient population with a very distinct profile compared to patients who typically undergo tumorectomy