The Tesseus paradox: the marked lymph node and the sentinel lymph node in pN+ pre-chemotherapy patients, are they the same?

Download archive (235k) The indication for chemotherapy as the initial treatment for early breast cancer has modified the surgical treatment, allowing breast preservation in most patients who develops clinical response (1). However, in spite of high rates of pathologic complete…
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Webinars (en español) sobre manejo del cáncer de mama durante Pandemia Covid-19

En este apartado hemos insertado los webinars sobre el manejo del cáncer de mama durante la pandemia COVID-19 orgaizados en España y Latinoamérica.

Webinar AECIMA: estado de las unidades de mama durante pandemia COVID-19

Este Webinar de AECIMA reunió a 4 undiades de mama de España (Hospital La Paz, Fundación Jimenez Díaz, Hospital del Mar y Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de A Coruña) y 2 de Portugal (Hospital San Joao, Hospital Santa María) para discutir…

BreastQ 15 Prospective Study

The Breast Journal has published the preliminary results of our study in which we evaluated the quality of life in women with oncoplastic breast reduction (OBR) and its predictive factors. Download archive (383Kb) This study identified women with macromastia as…
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COVID 19: Elective Case Triage Guidelines for Breast Cancer Surgery

Download Document (pdf, 281Kb) Developed by the COVID 19 Pandemic Breast Cancer Consortium (this consortium is made up of representatives from the NAPBC, CoC, ASBrS, and NCCN) Phase I. Semi-Urgent Setting (Preparation Phase) Few COVID 19 patients, hospital resources not…

Lateral Flap for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

This 43-year-old woman has been diagnosed with an infiltrating carcinoma of the left breast with signs of ulceration and lymphadenopathy. A left mastectomy and axillary lymphadenectomy are planned. The coverage of the mastectomy defect has been treated by means of…
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Prepectoral Conversion for Animation Deformity

The etiology of animation deformity following subpectoral implant reconstruction is the unavoidable adhesion between the pectoralis major muscle, the overlying mastectomy skin flap, together with adhesion to the underlying implant capsule. It is much more common with reconstruction surgery because…
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Oncoplastia 2020. Acceso Plataforma On-Line

Acceso a plataforma Moodle (pinchar aquí) Listado de Vídeos on-line (Consultar)

Prepectoral Reconstruction after Type 4 Skin-sparing Mastectomy. Prophylactic mastectomy for BRCA mutation

Prepectoral reconstruction with type 4 skin-sparing mastectomy is indicated in women with skin redundancy and excessive space in the postmastectomy pocket. These patients have a oversized pocketwith a generous amount of subcutaneus tissue that is displaced when breast tissue is…
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2020 Curso de Cirugia Oncoplastica de la Mama

Organizado por: Xerencia de Xestión Integrada A Coruña (Visitar Web) Fundación Profesor Novoa Santos (visitar Web) Centro Tecnológico de Formación (Ver Instalaciones) Código Etico FENIN. Favorable (ver valoración) Sede del Curso: Hotel Eurostars Atlántico. A Coruña. España (Visitar Web) Inscripción:…
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Editorial Mastology

Pdf English (139K) Pdf Spanish (139K) This editorial is a reflection on the use of animals for training in oncoplastic surgery. The author concludes that this model is useful for surgeon training but should be considered a transitory option until…

Single Port for Breast Cancer Surgery

Download article (836KB) Conservative surgery is the procedure of choice for woman with breast cancer due to its identical overall survival rate to that of mastectomy. Various studies have shown locoregional control in 90–95% of patients at the 10-year follow-up…
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