Recurrent Animation Deformity.


Animation deformity is a breast distortion caused during contraction of the pectoralis major in women with retropectoral implants, which can happen both in breast augmentation surgery and in reconstruction after mastectomy. The incidence of animation deformity varies according to the surgical technique employed (greater in total muscle coverage) and the series studied, reaching 75%–100% in reconstructions after mastectomy. This video shows a 26-year-old patient with retropectoral breast augmentation implants who presented a bilateral animation deformity and had undergone surgery on 5 occasions in various centers to correct this deformity without suppressing this cosmetic defect. During her assessment in our unit, we proposed sectioning the pectoralis major using a transcapsular approach. The surgery consisted of an incision in the inframammary fold, sectioning of the periprosthetic capsule and withdrawal of the implant for its immersion in an antibiotic solution. Subsequently, we identified the muscle fibers responsible for the animation deformity using an electrical muscle stimulator (6 Hz; 400 μs; 35 mA; 1 s of pause and 4 s of activity). Once we had performed the sectioning of the muscle fibers, we activated the electrical stimulator to confirm the elimination of the animation deformity.

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