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The PreQ-20 Trial

The PreQ-20 Trial is a prospective cohort study to assess the safety, quality of life and cosmetic sequelae of PBR in women with breast cancer and high risk. The study’s main objective is to assess the safety of PBR in…
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Recurrent Animation Deformity.

Animation deformity is a breast distortion caused during contraction of the pectoralis major in women with retropectoral implants, which can happen both in breast augmentation surgery and in reconstruction after mastectomy. The incidence of animation deformity varies according to the…
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View pdf in Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Diagnosing a recurrence or primary tumor in a woman with breast reconstruction using implants represents a double challenge for the surgeon. First, complete extirpation of the tumor and the compatibility…
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Historia de la Cirugía Oncoplástica en España

La introducción de la Cirugía Oncoplástica en España constituyó un ejemplo de esfuerzo y generosidad originado en un grupo promotor de cirujanos que supieron transmitir sus conocimientos y, especialmente, consiguieron ilusionar a un colectivo quirúrgico que vió en estos procedimientos…
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Surgical Strategies in the Correction of the Tuberous Breast (women & men)

Management of the tuberous breast represents one of the greatest surgical challenges in breast surgery, requiring careful assessment and a methodical approach to obtain an acceptable result. The surgeon must be familiar with multiple techniques that can be performed individually…
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Extreme preservation of the Nipple-Areola Complex in Central Tumors of the Breast

Preservation of the NAC is one of the most important decisions during an oncoplastic procedure in the woman with a central tumour in the breast due to the great importance that this structure has for body image and local control…
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Oncoplastic surgery is not an absolute guarantee of good cosmetic results, and the onset of sequelae during its follow-up is an uncomfortable truth that we need to accept. The introduction of oncoplastic procedures by the end of the 1990s attempted…
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Tips for improve skin-sparing mastectomy-based reconstruction

Careful preoperative planning and adoption of appropriate reconstructive strategies can improve clinical and aesthetic outcomes in Skin-sparing mastectomy-based reconstruction. This video shows some tips for improve postoperative outcome in this patients.
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The Tesseus paradox: the marked lymph node and the sentinel lymph node in pN+ pre-chemotherapy patients, are they the same?

Download archive (235k) The indication for chemotherapy as the initial treatment for early breast cancer has modified the surgical treatment, allowing breast preservation in most patients who develops clinical response (1). However, in spite of high rates of pathologic complete…
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BreastQ 15 Prospective Study

The Breast Journal has published the preliminary results of our study in which we evaluated the quality of life in women with oncoplastic breast reduction (OBR) and its predictive factors. Download archive (383Kb) This study identified women with macromastia as…
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Lateral Flap for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

This 43-year-old woman has been diagnosed with an infiltrating carcinoma of the left breast with signs of ulceration and lymphadenopathy. A left mastectomy and axillary lymphadenectomy are planned. The coverage of the mastectomy defect has been treated by means of…
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Prepectoral Conversion for Animation Deformity

The etiology of animation deformity following subpectoral implant reconstruction is the unavoidable adhesion between the pectoralis major muscle, the overlying mastectomy skin flap, together with adhesion to the underlying implant capsule. It is much more common with reconstruction surgery because…
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