Single Port for Breast Cancer

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The evolution in the clinical presentation of breast cancer and changes in the management of patients with metastatic involvement of the sentinel node have facilitated that in the majority of the women treated with a conservative procedure they only require a local tumor excision and a sentinel node biopsy. In many of these patients, a single incision will allow tumor excision and lymph node staging

Radial access is the most frequent procedure for a single port in conservative breast surgery due to the high frequency of tumors in this anatomical area. This access is planned by means of a radial incision of 3-4 cm located in the equator of the breast. The location of this incision should be as close as possible to the armpit since BGC is a more complex procedure in its execution than the lumpectomy. For this, we have different options depending on the location of the tumor with respect to the breast equator although we must prioritize it in an incision that facilitates axillary lymph node staging