Prepectoral Conversion for Animation Deformity


The etiology of animation deformity following subpectoral implant reconstruction is the unavoidable adhesion between the pectoralis major muscle, the overlying mastectomy skin flap, together with adhesion to the underlying implant capsule. It is much more common with reconstruction surgery because there is no parenchymal buffer between the pectoralis major muscle and skin followin a mastectomy. This animation deformity have been difficult to manage: denervation of the motor nerves, chemo paralytic agents, muscle section...

Prepectoral conversion provides a thoroughly effective solution to the problem of animation deformity. The muscle border is grasped with tissue forceps and with gentle downward traction on the pectoral muscle, the plane between the superficial aspect of the pectoralis major muscle and the overlying upper mastectomy flap is developed.

This video shows the separation of the pectoral muscle from mastectomy skin flap and retropectoral implant placement for animation deformity correction.