K. Shestak
ISBN 0-7817-2237-3
©Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Philadelphia 2006

This volume demonstrates and explains the problems encountered after reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery and breast cancer reconstruction and the most successful methods for correcting these problems. Each chapter begins with a pictorial analysis of the problem, a discussion of what caused it, and, where possible, suggestions on how it might have been avoided initially. The author then describes the plan for revision surgery, details the actual procedure, and examines postoperative outcomes.


- Introduction to reoperative plastic surgery of the breast, including patient selection and informed consent
- Breast aesthetics in the nonoperated and reoperative breast
- Revising the unsatisfactory breast augmentation
- Evaluating implant integrity and explantation options and techniques
- Revision surgery following breast reduction and mastopexy
- Revision of implant breast reconstruction
- Technical tips for avoiding complications in TRAM flap breast reconstruction
- Revision and salvage of the suboptimal TRAM flap
- Reoperative surgery following lumpectomy and radiation therapy
- Revision of nipple areola reconstruction