S. Spear
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Volume One

Section 1: Oncology

1.Incidence, trends, and the epidemiology of breast cancer
2.breast cancer screening and diagnosis
3.Mammography of the surgically altered breast
4.Pathology ofbreast disorders
5.chemoprevention and management of benign and proliferative lesions of the breast, and preinvasive cancer of the breast
6.Ductal carcinoma in situ
7.Invasive carcinoma: basics, treatment controversies, and an oncoplastic approach
8.Invasive carcinoma: skin sparing mastectomy
9.Conservative treatment of breast cancer: reconstructive issues
10.Reconstruction for partial mastectomy defects: classification and method
11.The Osnabrueck experience with reconstruction of partial mastectomy defects
12.Reconstruction for partial mastectomy defects: distant flaps
13.Follow up after surgery for primary breast cancer
14.Invasive carcinoma: adjuvant systemic therapy
15.Use of bone stem cell transplantation in breast cancer
16.Invasive carcinoma: radiation therapy with breast conservation
17.Invasive carcinoma: radiation therapy after mastectomy
18.Hereditary breast cancer
19.Prophylactic simple mastectomy and reconstruction including prosthetic, latissimus and tram flap techniques
20.Prophylactic nipple-sparing mastectomy and reconstruction including indications, mastectomy techniques, and methods of reconstruction
21.Special problems in the treatment and reconstruction of breast cancer
22.Reduction mammaplasty as part of breast conservation therapy in the large breasted patient
23.Neuropsychiatric impact of breast cancer and its treatment

Section 2: Breast Reconstruction

24.Informed consent and medico-legal considerations in breast surgery
25.Safety and effectiveness of breast implants
26.Breast implants: materials and manufacturing
27.One-stage immediate breast reconstruction with adjustable implants
28.Immediate two-stage breast reconstruction utilizing a tissue expander and implant
29.Immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expanders and alloderm
30.Delayed two-stage expander/implant reconstruction
31.Immediate two-stage reconstruction using a semilunar expander and pursestring closure
32.Prosthetic reconstruction of the radiated breast
33.Secondary prosthetics cases
34.Recreating the inframammary fold: the external approach
35.Recreating the inframammary fold: the internal approach
36.Recreating the inframammary fold with the superficial facial system
37.Latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap breast reconstruction
38.Immediate autologous reconstruction with latissimus muscle only flaps
39.Breast reconstruction with an autologous latissimus musculocutaneous flap with and without immediate nipple reconstruction
40.Aesthetic subunits of the breast
41.Reconstruction of the radiated breast
42.Controversies regarding immediate reconstruction
43.One-stage reconstruction of the breast using the tram flap with immediate nipple reconstruction
44.Bipedicle TRAM flap reconstruction
45.TRAM flap reconstruction: the single pedicle, whole muscle technique
46.Breast reconstruction with the unipedicle TRAM operation
47.Bilateral TRAM flaps
48.Free TRAM flap beast reconstruction
49.The midabdominal transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap
50.Immediate reconstruction after skin sparing mastectomy using omental flaps and synthetic mesh
51.TRAM flaps with implants
52.TRAM flaps with preoperative delay
53.Perforator flaps in breast reconstruction
54.Pedicled perforator flaps in breast reconstruction
55.Musculofascial sparing TRAM flaps
56.The superior gluteal artery perforator flap in breast reconstruction
57.The inferior gluteal free flap
58.The superficial inferior epigastic artery flap in breast reconstruction
59.The peri-iliac flap for breast reconstruction
60.Options for the contralateral breast in breast reconstruction
61.Nipple-areola reconstruction
62.Reconstruction of the previously augmental breast
63.The second stage in autologous breast reconstruction
64.Lipomodeling of the reconstructed breast
65.Biomechanical considerations in breast reconstruction
66.Fat injection to correct contour deformities in the reconstructed breast

Volume Two

Section 3: Reduction Mammaplasty and Mastopexy

Chapters 69 to 88

Section 4: Augmentation Mammaplasty

Chapters 89 to 105