Surgical Strategies in the Correction of the Tuberous Breast (women & men)


Management of the tuberous breast represents one of the greatest surgical challenges in breast surgery, requiring careful assessment and a methodical approach to obtain an acceptable result. The surgeon must be familiar with multiple techniques that can be performed individually or may be combined to address various aspects of the tuberous deformity.

Tuberous breast deformity is a pathologic condition of the breast affecting teenage women. The aberration of breast shape in tuberous breast deformity consisting of a constricting ring at the breast base, breast tissue deficiency, and herniation of breast tissue into the nipple-areola-complex with areola enlargement and additional asymmetry makes the surgical correction challenging.

The studies appear to confirm the theory that the only abnormality present in the tuberous breast is herniation of breast tissue through the nipple-areola complex. In patients with small breasts and a tuberous deformity, correction of the herniation changes the tuberous breast into a simple hypoplastic breast. The volume deficit can then be corrected by augmentation (if desired by the patient). In patients with sufficient breast volume, correction of the herniation alone will correct the deformity.

Patient with tuberous right breast and hypoplasic left breast
Surgical plan. Right Breast: round-block access to correct of glandular herniation and vertical mammoplasty to improve the shape of the breast. Left Breast: To optimize the inframmary fold and to place a implant in prepectoral plane.
Postoperative result

Next video shows the plan and surgery in this patient with tuberous breast with different objetives: correction of herniation of breast tissue through nipple-areola complex, correction of volume deficit

Sometimes we need to correct a tuberous breast in male with gynecomastia. In this patiens we can perform the same surgical plan, most patiens need a round-block access in order to correct the "cutaneus tube" of their breast

This adolescent presents a bilateral gynecomastia with tuberous breast.

This surgery is easy and highly effective, we can see this surgery in the following video: