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Recurrent Animation Deformity.

Animation deformity is a breast distortion caused during contraction of the pectoralis major in women with retropectoral implants, which can happen both in breast augmentation surgery and in reconstruction after mastectomy. The incidence of animation deformity varies according to the…
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View pdf in Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Diagnosing a recurrence or primary tumor in a woman with breast reconstruction using implants represents a double challenge for the surgeon. First, complete extirpation of the tumor and the compatibility…
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Tips for improve skin-sparing mastectomy-based reconstruction

Careful preoperative planning and adoption of appropriate reconstructive strategies can improve clinical and aesthetic outcomes in Skin-sparing mastectomy-based reconstruction. This video shows some tips for improve postoperative outcome in this patients.
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Lateral Flap for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

This 43-year-old woman has been diagnosed with an infiltrating carcinoma of the left breast with signs of ulceration and lymphadenopathy. A left mastectomy and axillary lymphadenectomy are planned. The coverage of the mastectomy defect has been treated by means of…
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Prepectoral Reconstruction after Type 4 Skin-sparing Mastectomy. Prophylactic mastectomy for BRCA mutation

Prepectoral reconstruction with type 4 skin-sparing mastectomy is indicated in women with skin redundancy and excessive space in the postmastectomy pocket. These patients have a oversized pocketwith a generous amount of subcutaneus tissue that is displaced when breast tissue is…
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Mammary reconstruction using tissue expander and partial detachment of the pectoralis major muscle to expand the lower breast quadrants

The techniques commonly used in breast reconstruction with tissue expanders do not provide a good definition of the lower breast quadrant. With the technique described in this video a better profile of the breast is achieved. This technique was described…
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Skin-reducing mastectomy and prepectoral reconstruction in patients with BRCA mutation

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Skin Graft to cover a Skin Breast Necrosis

Skin graft is one of the most indispensable techniques in surgery and are used in a variety of clinical situations, such as traumatic wounds, defects after oncologic resection or burn reconstruction. Skin grafts are generally classified as split-thickness or full-thickness…
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Implantes de Polyuretano en Reconstrucción Mamaria

Los implantes cubiertos de poliuretano (ICP) son implantes ultratexturizados de silicona sobre los que se aplica una capa exterior de espuma de poliuretano, que a su vez añade una texturización extraordinaria, sería la cubierta supertexturizada. Esta espuma de poliuretano crea…
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Thoraco-Epigastric Flap

Thoracoepigastric flaps are a group of procedures that provide coverage of thoracic defects by pulling up and rotating part of the abdominal skin surface.12 The blood supply of these flaps is situated in the perforating branches of the superior epigastric artery and, depending…
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Reconstrucción Inmediata mediante Expansión-Prótesis

La reconstrucción mamaria juega un papel importante disminuyendo el impacto de la mutilación en la imagen corporal y la autoestima de la mujer con cáncer de mama. Diferentes estudios avalan su utilización en pacientes en estadio II y III al…
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Mastectomía Profiláctica

La mastectomía y reconstrucción inmediata, utilizando material protésico, es una opción técnica que permite, en una sola intervención, realizar la exéresis completa del parénquima mamario (uni o bilateral) y la reconstrucción inmediata. Este procedimiento es de una enorme utilidad en…
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